Physiotherapy in Falkirk - PRICES

At PM Physio our Physiotherapist will always invite you to an initial assessment if you have never visited us before. This allows us to form a diagnosis and treatment plan based on the findings of our examination.

Initial assessments will last up to 45 minutes to allow a thorough and detailed history to be taken.

Any follow up appointments will last 30 minutes to continue rehabilitation or to provide any treatments required.

Extended appointments can be made in advance if you feel you would require more time.

We believe that initial assessments are necessary to ensure long term results. If you have found that massage and acupuncture are particularly beneficial to you then they can be booked as separate treatments.

Our prices are listed below:

Initial Physiotherapy appointment       £40

Return Physiotherapy appointment      £30

Physiotherapy home visit(Prices from)  £50

MASSAGE (45 minutes)                           £40

MASSAGE (30 minutes)                          £30
Acupuncture (30 mintues)                   £30

nhs, police and fire service staff can get a 10% discount on the prices above. Ship shape fitness studio members also qualify for 10% discount.
sports teams, health clubs and gyms can also contact us to arrange affiliation discounts - email us for details